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To all watchers or people interested with points!

I've decided to do some PCs but not yet! I have a very special story for any vocaloid songfic with a random anime fans... I even drew the preview picture myself! And colored it...

listen to this song to get the idea...=>

First character x reader x character... hope it comes out well... :)
So once the story is published I'll come out with more information. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Jump) [V6] 
  • Mood: Approval
  • Listening to: Remedy- Little Boots
  • Reading: Animal Farm
  • Watching: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjo Romantica
Hi all,
I will post all the information that I have for Tomodachi Life

Number of Islanders: 55
Number of Children: 4
Problems Solved: 306
Number of Boyfriend/Girlfriend couples: 2
clear x Miku
Petra x Stahl

Number of Married couples: 5
Nebula x nero 
Olivia x Ritsu 
Christina x Erwin
Ann x Fred [Parents]
Nowaki x Sasha

Number of Heartbreaks: 3
Marco => Ann (x2)
Olivia => Kony
Christina => Fred
Annie => Nowaki

Friend Code: 1590-5168-3059

 Please comment if you choose to add me!
  • Mood: Approval
  • Listening to: Remedy- Little Boots
  • Reading: Animal Farm
  • Watching: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjo Romantica
Hi come and join :iconanonymous-novelists:
Its a good group for writers!
you'll be able to see a lot of my fiction... such as

[Rosemary for Remembrance] Armin x Reader
                    [Rosemary for Remembrance]
                            Armin x Reader
                     Awake, thou wintry earth -
                      Fling off thy sadness!
                  Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
                        Your ancient gladness!
            ~Thomas Blackbur
Eren x Reader [The Winter]
Modern!AU Eren x Reader
[The Winter]
“One kind word can warm three winter months.” ~Japanese Proverb
A/N: After reading a beautiful short story called “Beautiful Winter” in a Cricket magazine. I feel terrible that I can’t keep in the original universe, cause I think about all of the deceased characters. Well kinda cause it’s because I love Marco and it’s guilty for me to forget anyone when they die. I mope even over my pet turtle I lost over three years ago. So death isn’t too easy for anyone to get over, sorry for rambling on like that… on to the story! (Sorry if Eren is OOC)
Preview Image:
“The children died in the snow together. Holding onto their little hands. They wore the same tattered red scarves that were given to them five years before. No one knew that they had died a silent and tragic death. None would care to look…” the white haired teacher said, he wore glasses and was
AU! Yandere!Reader x Bertolt
                          AU! Yandere! Reader x Bertolt
                                   [Long Forgotten]
A/N: Notice something? Bertolt isn’t the yandere in the relationship… I see too many fics where Bertolt is the yandere. So I’ll cut the guy some slack and mix it up with the reader being a yandere instead. So yeah! I give you a creepy and nutty reader!  \\hides I’ll be in my panic room if you need me…
You didn’t know why you liked him. Meek and mild mannered Bertolt Fubar an upper-classman who you were well fond of. Of course there was the normal barriers that prevented you from having a decent relationship. One being Reiner, Bertolt’s close friend. A noisy young man who was on the football team. The second being Annie, a stoic young woman who you assumed to be Bertolt’s lo
Kaito x Tusundere!Reader [Pay Attention]
                   Kaito x Tsundere!Reader
                                             [Pay Attention]
Preview Image: < a href = "  [] " > [Link to Image] < /a >
      "I really think that you are such a fool. I don't like the way you treat me."    
     Some of the students were already watching her.[Name]'s [e\c] eyes were glaring at a blue haired young man. He looked a little nervous as he scratched
his head in confusion.
    "I don't understand [Name], why are you acting like this?" He said, his blue eyes somewhat watery when he spoke.
    "Kaito, why did you stop paying attention to me? You jerk..." she said as he looked at her.
    Kaito looked upset as [Name] continued to vent out all of the fury a

 Yeah! So come on over!
Just to let you know I'm alive, everyone knows about SOPA 2014 just putting this out!…


Coming Soon
Coming Soon!
Drawing commissions
OC: Lin Ito by Nebula3124
Sekaiichi x Vocaloid Songover by Nebula3124
Olivia Elgin Drawing (Finally!) by Nebula3124
Hi, I will be doing commissions for a mere price of 200 points
Only three slots are open so, hurry quickly before this offer ends!
I would like to be paid beforehand just to let you know if you are interested.



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Hello there viewers!

I am Nebula3124

I am so happy you stopped by!

I am a beginner at art and writing. Excuse many mistakes and messups! I'm still cleaning up!

I am a fan of:
Hetalia, Umineko, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjo Romantica, Vocaloid/ Nikoniko Utaite, SnK

I love music to a horrible extent where my IPod has only Vocaloid and Utaite songs on it, excluding music from Animes...

Now just to let you know I am quite busy with school work and all so I will not be here as often...

For comments I always read them yet I will try to answer in the best way I can! <3

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thankies for the watch~! And I'm glad to know that you're also a fan of the Yukina x Kisa ship- I watch Sekai Ichi as well and they're one of my most favorite couples~! Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
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Firstly, thanks for watching me.

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Not to mention Kisa is definitely my favourite character even on his own<3
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